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Welcome to MHA TERO official website

Effective now:  Individuals or companies that are registering/licensing multiple companies will be limited to 3 application in the morning and 3 applications in the afternoon.


MHA TERO Expo Online Registration is Closed.  Registration will be available the day of the expo.  

Click Here for Agenda:  OCTOBER 21st and 22nd at the Bismarck Civic Center 315 S 5th St, Bismarck, ND 58504


Starting September 1st, 2014 there will be a $50.00 dollar processing fee for replacement of lost cards.  The fee will apply for and when you request additional services be added.





Prime Contractor Classification 
Regardless of Certified Indian Determination
This fee applies to all Prime Contractors.



A. Completed by Prime Contractor 
Pursuant to Chapter 11 of the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance and BAT Fee Resolution #95‐71‐DSB., 

HEREBY, ______________________________________, shall pay 2.5% fee of the total Project cost of 
construction. The 2.5% fee shall apply for each project contracted. 

HEREBY, ______________________________________, shall pay $5,000.00 per annum, for the privilege 
of doing business as a Prime/General Contractor on the Fort Berthold Reservation


ATTENTION New Amended Regs

Because many 100% Indian owned companies and Indian employees are becoming economically disadvantaged from a pattern of  delayed payments to subcontractors, TERO promulgates the following  emergency regulations:
(1)    that all fees for services from Indian Contractors (Tier 1 & Tier 2) are due and shall be paid in full by any business entity within forty five (45) days, thereafter, sanctions may be imposed.
(2)     Additional interest incurred from factoring companies shall be paid by the entity that delays payment for such agreed upon services.
(3)     Subcontractors shall be paid immediately upon the general contractor receiving payment from invoices.  
(4)    Upon notice to all relevant parties, the above provisions may be waived for good cause as determined by TERO, including legitimate billing disputes & clerical eror, etc.  Other arrangements may be agreed to in writing by TERO.
If a business entity fails to pay fees for services as set forth above, TERO may also make an immediate and temporary order of non-compliance and impose temporary sanctions prior to an evidentiary hearing if good cause so requires.  
TERO may issue sanctions, including the immediate and temporary suspension of business licenses and fines up to $5000 per day upon a finding of the following:
(1)    a violation of any provision under the TERO Ordinance or Regulations;
(2)    a continued pattern of unacceptable business practices;
(3)    a pattern of constant delay and/or refusal to pay employees or subcontractors;
(4)    false information on a TERO application;
(5)    failure to follow a submitted compliance plan;
(6)    the business engages and/or continues to engage in illegal activity or impropriety.

Amendment to TERO Regulation Part One



Any person or business entity applying for and receiving a TERO Business license shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation Tribal Courts.



All entities licensed to do oil related business within the boundaries of the MHA Nation

MHA TERO has a processing fee for vehicles registered to your Company. Vehicles used for Company business are required to have a current MHA DOT sticker. The MHA TERO processing fee for vehicle stickers is as follows:

    1-25                    vehicles               $ 250.00
    26-49                   vehicles               $ 500.00
    50 & over            vehicles               $ 5000.00

There are NO EXEMPTIONS to the fees listed above. Please refer to MHA Department of Transportation for their schedule of truck/vehicle fees.